Very few people have the time to wade through the ocean of content written about Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. Even fewer also have the experience and understanding necessary to separate the gold from the garbage. And after all that, who then has the time left to actually read and analyze all that can be found? This is why I started my project, The Cryptoconomy Podcast & I have now spent more than 7 years learning about Bitcoin and its associated technologies, and with every day that passes I’ve only grown more excited and eager to see what the future will bring. This project is meant to find and make available as mini-audiobooks or “QuikReads,” all the best, most informative, thought provoking, and exciting perspectives on Bitcoin and the industry at large. We cover everything from the philosophy and cypherpunks that made it possible, the debates about the future of the protocol, new and old technical developments, the economics and game theory that keep it alive, and everything else about living life in the Cryptoconomy. I interview authors and major personalities in the space as well, produce videos for education and entertainment, do my own research and exploration of the new technology and services, and write my own articles and thoughts accounting for years of close observation and study about how this technology and culture evolves.

I hope this project can be a source for anyone who wants to start their journey down the rabbit hole, using this resource as a guide to learning, understanding, and exploring this crazy new world. Enjoy, explore, and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions regarding Bitcoin, the podcast, or the website. I am always working on new content and seeking out new articles, so subscribe to the show and follow me on social media to stay up to date with everything important to living The Cryptoconomy Life!

The Podcast

by | Aug 10, 2018